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Multi IST region root in the single region

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  • 1.  Multi IST region root in the single region

    Posted May 31, 2023 12:11 PM

    Hey guys,

    Recently I just review the infra of one my customer. Their switches are running on MSTP, core switch is the root bridge. They have a plan to split the vlans into 2 instances, instance x with mapping-vlan x in core 1 and instance x with mapping-vlan x in core 2.
     However, when I show spanning-tree in each of the access switch, each access claim itself as IST regional root. I believe this is because of the they did not progated the vlan in the core switch to all the access switch as they have more than 40 vlan in the core switch but not all vlan use in the access switch, hence the configuration digest is mismatch for each of the access switch.
    *They have some of old HP procurve switch only support maximum of 8 vlan.

    My questions is would it have any issue if each of the access switch claim itself as regional root? Since the vlan-mapping to instance will be different for each switches even they are in the same region and version.