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Multicast crossing too many subnets

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  • 1.  Multicast crossing too many subnets

    Posted Feb 22, 2024 04:36 PM

    I have a multicast source that needs to send intercom announcements to several schools all on different subnets.  I have PIM Sparse Mode enabled and working satisfactorily.  I can selectively send intercom messages to listeners in all the schools.  Unfortunately, I can also see all the AppleTV devices in all the schools from all the other schools.  They use multicast to advertise their availability to the network.  Without PIM, that advertisement would never leave the subnet, but I need the PIM to allow the intercom messages from my multicast intercom server. 

    My question is:  How can I control the advertisements from the AppleTVs without also losing the messages from my intercom multicast server?

    The schools are all behind 2930s.  The source intercom server is behind a CX cluster pair of 8320s.

    Thank you for any insight,