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Multicast Traffic Flowing Across Uplink

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  • 1.  Multicast Traffic Flowing Across Uplink

    Posted Dec 01, 2022 09:10 AM
    We have an access layer 6300 switch stack that has hundreds of AV devices using multicast connected to it (all on VLAN 187). The IGMP querier lives on this access layer 6300. There is a layer 2 trunk from the access layer to our distribution 8320. Currently, this multicast traffic is climbing up to the distribution layer and causing some discards. I'm trying to prevent this multicast traffic from flowing across the trunk but want to allow unicast traffic across the trunk. I currently have the below commands placed on both sides of the trunk between the 6300 and 8320. The igmp snooping blocked command is not operating as I intended.

    I also realize this is not the preferred way to perform a multicast boundary, however, I have not been able to convince my team to perform a network overhaul and move to L3 connections. 

    (6300 stack)
    interface lag 10
    description UplinkTo8320Stack
    no shutdown
    no routing
    vlan trunk native 1
    vlan trunk allowed 7,39,47,63,72,87,95,111,119,127,151,157,167,175,185-187,199-200,202-207,215,223,239,247,255,2063
    lacp mode active
    ip igmp snooping blocked vlan 187

    interface lag 112 multi-chassis
    description UplinkTo6300Stack
    no shutdown
    no routing
    vlan trunk native 1
    vlan trunk allowed 7,39,47,72,87,95,111,119,127,151,157,167,175,185-187,199-200,202-206,215,223,231,239,247,255,2063
    lacp mode active
    ip igmp snooping blocked vlan 187

  • 2.  RE: Multicast Traffic Flowing Across Uplink

    Posted Dec 06, 2022 06:20 PM
    Try using vlan level
    switch(config)# vlan 187
    switch(config-vlan)# ip igmp snooping enable

    The interface level config with blocked options seems to only drop incoming traffic
    8360-1(config-if)# ip igmp snooping
    blocked    Instruct the device to drop incoming multicast traffic received on the specified ports on a VLAN