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Need Advice About Home Network

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  • 1.  Need Advice About Home Network

    Posted Nov 08, 2023 05:56 AM

    Hi All,

    I want to create some strong WIFI network (MESH Network) on my home, it's 5 rooms based, 1 of the rooms is "mamad" room.

    I have optical fiber in my home, it's come to the living room, there I need some router to connect to ISP (PPPOE) and then put some AP in the home, and also in the living room.

    In the "mamad" room I need also AP (because there the WIFI signal is very low).

    Until now, I thought to put some ASUS XD6 2 pack with ASUS GT-AX6000 (in the "mamad").

    But I saw some recommendations about Aruba AP25 or AP22, and want to hear your advice.

    I know that the Aruba AP25 (or other model) not works as router (PPPOE) so I need some router before connect the APs.

    About the router, someone recommends me DrayTek 2865/2866, without WIFI, just to connect to ISP, if you have other recommendation, I love to hear.

    I really debating between AP25 and AP22. Here, AP22 costs 155USD while AP25 costs 266USD.

    But I also know that AP22 don't support 160MHz.


    *Managers, I really hope it's the best forum for my question.

  • 2.  RE: Need Advice About Home Network

    Posted Nov 08, 2023 11:15 AM

    Not sure if this is the right place for such a question as most people here are working on large enterprise deployments.

    As you are considering InstantON, the InstantON community may be a better starting point.

    Herman Robers
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