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No Internet after configuring vlan

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  • 1.  No Internet after configuring vlan

    Posted Oct 28, 2021 01:42 PM


    I configured DHCP Server on HP Switch 5412Rzl2 and enabled it for a VLAN using the commands mentioned below. I need to use this VLAN for WiFi.

    dhcp-server pool "WiFi"
    default-router ""

    dhcp-server conflict-logging
    dhcp-server enable


    vlan 56

    IP address


    Then I added VLAN 56 into a procurve access switch and connected a PC to a port. I then untagged this port for vlan 56 and forbid all other vlans for this port. The PC is getting an IP address from the pool but not able to use internet or communicate with other vlans. I added the route in the core switch for this vlan but no benefit.

    What should be the configuration for other vlans for the port configured for vlan 56 to let other vlans communicate with it and the devices behind it be cable to use the internet?



  • 2.  RE: No Internet after configuring vlan

    Posted Oct 28, 2021 03:55 PM

    Hello @csadmin77 ,

    Is PC able to ping its gateway?

    Is 'IP Routing' configured in core switch?


  • 3.  RE: No Internet after configuring vlan

    Posted Oct 29, 2021 04:36 AM

    Hi csadmin77,

    you wrote "I added the route in the core switch for this vlan but no benefit."

    Which device in your topology is responsible for routing, also are the core switch and the 5412R with the DHCP server the same device or different devices? If they are the same device then this static route won't help you and it's better to enable IP routing as suggested by akg7. However if this device is another switch/router or a firewall responsible for routing then this route is correct, but maybe the return traffic from has no way to reach your PC in vlan 56. 
    As suggested a ping to your default gateway is the first step and the way to go. Just take note what result you get if the ping fails. Do you receive a timeout, or a destination unreachable message.

  • 4.  RE: No Internet after configuring vlan

    Posted Oct 29, 2021 06:29 PM

    Seems everything is working except ping. I am able to connect to the internet from the PC behind VLAN 56 after adding a route in the firewall for the VLAN 56 Subnet for the core switch and to the remote desktop of that PC from another VLAN. The only thing not working is ICMP.

  • 5.  RE: No Internet after configuring vlan

    Posted Nov 01, 2021 01:26 AM

    Hello. I think you should reset the network configuration from the command prompt. If you can't do this just follow the link, especially solution no. 5. Because I had the same issue. Hopefully, it will help you and others also. Best of luck.