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Old 3COM switches and their HP equivalents

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  • 1.  Old 3COM switches and their HP equivalents

    Posted 4 days ago

    Greetings, all.

    We have some old 3COM switches in one of our customers and, unfortunately, they can't be decomissioned at the time. For monitoring and security reasons, I would like to update them to the newest possible firmware.

    The old HP links that we used to get the old firmwares aren't working and the new support portal doesn't have 3COM firmware.

    Does anyone have the latest firmwares for the old 3COM 4200, 4210, 4500, 4500G and 5500 switches?

    If not, do you at least have the list of equivalent HP models, so I can try and use the software that can be downloaded from the HPE Aruba Networking portal?

    Best regards and thanks in advance.