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Packet Capture for Multicast Traffic Inbound, Vocera

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  • 1.  Packet Capture for Multicast Traffic Inbound, Vocera

    Posted Dec 09, 2020 11:17 AM
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    I am troubleshooting a Vocera issue where someone broadcasts to a group of folks and the (Multicast group) Audio is intermittent, slow to start or not coming through at all. I have attempted to setup a Wireshark capture in our controller cluster to capture the data path traffic to the Vocera Badge I am working with.

    In the capture I have tried sending to a IP destination and the local filesystem and the results are the same. I am simply unable to see the Multicast traffic in the capture when the badge I am using is receiving audio and has joined the multicast group in in a Vocera broadcast. I can however see the RTP traffic stream in the capture when I use the same badge to transmit to the Vocera broadcast group.

    What am I missing to see the RTP multicast traffic when receiving traffic from a Multicast group? I know the traffic is there I just cannot see those packets in the capture nor can I reassemble it because it is missing.

    We are running code on 7220 controllers managed by a MM. I have attached a photo of the Badge when receiving a working stream, you can see the join and leave of the group but no RTP traffic in between.

    Any insight or tips would be appreciated.


    Christopher Calhoun

  • 2.  RE: Packet Capture for Multicast Traffic Inbound, Vocera

    Posted Nov 18, 2022 07:27 PM

    Hi Christopher, did you ever resolve this issue?  We are having similar issues on our 7210 controllers running 8.6.0.x and we are running AP-515 across our infrastructure.