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Pairing Aruba Tags

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  • 1.  Pairing Aruba Tags

    Posted Oct 15, 2019 03:10 AM



    Let's say I have put Aruba Tags on a moving asset, and the asset requires a human to move it. So I put an Aruba Tag on the operator as well. 


    Now I want to pair the asset with its operator. 


    Is there something out-of-the-box, that I can use to acheive this?






  • 2.  RE: Pairing Aruba Tags

    Posted Oct 15, 2019 06:35 AM
    Currently, there is no ‘out of the box’ way to achieve that... That said,
    Meridian API’s can be used to build a custom solution.
    *Simon Rousseau, M. Sc.*
    Président de RIOH inc.
    E: simon@rioh.io
    T: (438) 830-6837

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  • 3.  RE: Pairing Aruba Tags

    Posted Oct 16, 2019 07:53 AM

    Thanks for replying.


    When you say 'Meridian API', you mean the API is used to get the location of a moving asset, and the person separately, and then we use the distance between the two, to kind-of pair them together?


    Or is there some specific callback/function that can be used?


  • 4.  RE: Pairing Aruba Tags

    Posted Oct 16, 2019 08:12 AM
    Hi Shaibee,

    Yes, those APIs.

    Automatically pairing them through an automated process, based on
    distance/proximity, is kind of risky in a high density ble tag
    environment. But this is in theory possible. In a such case, we do need to
    keep in head the accuracy of ble of 3,3ft/1m or more... in a good context.
    Also, keep in head latency of 2.5-5min to get locations. That said, bad
    mapping could often happen depending of your context...

    Could you tell us a little more about your specific context / needs? In
    this way I will be able to help you with more accurate informations.

    Note: there is currently no such builtin Meridian API functionalities at my
    own knowledge.

    But ... a custom Meridian implementation can certainly be done ;) A good
    analysis should be achieved first ... If you need help, we should be able
    to give you some guideline based on our experiences.

    Simon Rousseau

    *Simon Rousseau, M. Sc.*
    Président de RIOH inc.
    E: simon@rioh.io
    T: (438) 830-6837

    *13540 rue de l'Aquilon, Mirabel, Qc, Ca, J7J 1W1*

  • 5.  RE: Pairing Aruba Tags

    Posted Oct 17, 2019 01:32 AM

    To explain the scenario, lets take an example of the wheelchair/nurse usecase. 


    So in a hospital, I want to track the location of wheelchairs. This seems easy, using Aruba tags. I want to track nurses. This is the same thing. Now I want to pair the nurse with a wheelchair, if he/she is using it. That's the problem I need to solve. 


    I understand that the accuracy is normally around 3-5 meters, for BLE. So I might get a distance measure for a beacon as 10m, when it actually is at 7m or 13m. But if this is consistent, then the beacon/tag on wheelchair and the beacon/tag on the person, both will have an offset of +/-3m. So they will have similar distance measure, if the observer is stationary, which is the case here. Now I can, probably, define a threashold, and if two tags are in that radius, I can count them as paired, and periodically check that threshold is still met. Unpair the tags, otherwise. 


    So this is just me, thinking out loud. As you say, in theory this sounds like a plan, but in practice, I dont know. I am also thinking about using NFC, but then I need a slightly smarter device on either one of the wheelchair or the nurse. 


    Do you think I am on the right track?