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Ping not working in HPE Aruba 2930F with Openflow aggregate mode enabled

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  • 1.  Ping not working in HPE Aruba 2930F with Openflow aggregate mode enabled

    Posted 20 days ago

    I have an HPE Aruba 2930F JL259A switch which is used to try out SDN related experiments. But after the aggregate mode instance is enabled , the ping command does not work. It results in "Request timeout out" response.

    Aruba-2930F-24G-4SFP(config)# show VLANS

    Status and Counters - VLAN Information

    Maximum VLANs to support : 256
    Management VLAN : DEFAULT_VLAN

    VLAN ID Name | Status Voice Jumbo
    ------- -------------------------------- + ---------- ----- -----
    1 DEFAULT_VLAN | Port-based No No
    2 OF_CONTROLLER_VLAN | Port-based No No
    3 OF_HOST_VLAN | Port-based No No

    1. DEFAULT_VLAN (Primary VLAN) - Ports 1-6, IP Address (Default IP: for all three VLANs)

    2. OF_CONTROLLER_VLAN - Ports 7-12, IP Address 

    3. OF_HOST_VLAN - Ports 13-28, IP Address

    Aruba-2930F-24G-4SFP(config)# show openflow instance aggregate

    Configured OF Version : 1.3
    Negotiated OF Version : 1.3
    Instance Name : aggregate
    Data-path Description : aggregate
    Administrator Status : Enabled
    Member List : VLAN 3
    Pipeline Model : Standard Match
    Listen Port : None
    Operational Status : Up
    Operational Status Reason : NA
    Datapath ID : 0003187a3b34dee0
    Mode : Active
    Flow Location : Hardware and Software
    No. of Hardware Flows : 2
    No. of Software Flows : 1
    Hardware Rate Limit : 0 kbps
    Software Rate Limit : 100 pps
    Conn. Interrupt Mode : Fail-Secure
    Maximum Backoff Interval : 60 seconds
    Probe Interval : 10 seconds
    Hardware Table Miss Count : NA
    No. of Software Flow Tables : 1
    Egress Only Ports : None
    Table Model : Policy Engine and Software
    Source MAC Group Table : Disabled
    Destination MAC Group Table : Disabled
    Default Miss Action : Drop
    Packet-In VLAN Tagging : Default

    Controller Id Connection Status Connection State Secure Role
    ------------- ----------------- ---------------- ------ ------
    1 Connected Active No Equal

    I'm using the RYU controller, and the initial handshake connection and configuration from the RYU side with switch seems to working correctly.

    Controller IP Address:


    Aruba-2930F-24G-4SFP(config)# show run

    Running configuration:

    ; JL259A Configuration Editor; Created on release #WC.16.10.0009
    ; Ver #14:67.6f.f8.1d.9b.3f.bf.bb.ef.7c.59.fc.6b.fb.9f.fc.ff.ff.37.ef:44
    hostname "Aruba-2930F-24G-4SFP"
    module 1 type jl259a
    ip default-gateway
    snmp-server community "public"
    controller-id 1 ip controller-interface vlan 2
    instance aggregate
    controller-id 1
    version 1.3
    vlan 1
    name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
    no untagged 7-28
    untagged 1-6
    ip address
    ipv6 enable
    ipv6 address autoconfig
    ipv6 address dhcp full
    vlan 2
    untagged 7-12
    ip address
    ipv6 enable
    ipv6 address autoconfig
    vlan 3
    name "OF_HOST_VLAN"
    untagged 13-28
    ip address
    ipv6 enable
    ipv6 address autoconfig
    management-vlan 1
    no tftp server
    no autorun
    no dhcp config-file-update
    no dhcp image-file-update
    password manager

    Any idea/suggestion as to why this is happening and what can be done would be really helpful, thanks!