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poor voice vlan quality on Aruba switches

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  • 1.  poor voice vlan quality on Aruba switches

    Posted Feb 14, 2023 03:11 AM
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    Hello Community,

    we have Problem with Voice Vlan and we need Help

    we swapped all our cisco switches with aruba and since then we have had poor voice vlan quality.

    it hacks and sometimes breaks. We updated phone firmware, didn't help. We updated the switch firmware which didn't work either.

    All phones are in voice vlan.

    can someone help us is it possible to prioritize the voice vlan on Aruba?

    what do we have to do to solve the problem? this is a new building and all network cables are new.

    We didn't have that problem with the cisco switches, even though they were really old.

    we have Aruab cx 6100, Aruab cx 6200, Aruab cx 6300. 

    regard David


  • 2.  RE: poor voice vlan quality on Aruba switches

    Posted Feb 14, 2023 02:07 PM

    Hi David,

    Do your IP phones mark their traffic with CoS or DSCP? 

    It is quite important in this case. Some phones allow you to enable either CoS or DSCP or both, I'd use DSCP 46 (EF). If you can set both, set DSCP to 46 and CoS to 5. After applying that setting, use packet capture to verify that the DSCP is really set. Then on all your switches use global command 'qos trust dscp'. Thus switches will honor DSCP markings in the ingress packets sent from IP phones and by default will map VoIP traffic (basing the mapping decision on the DSCP value) to the local priority 5. That will map this traffic to queue 5 so the traffic in that queue will be treated with higher priority than in queues 1-4 where the most of the traffic should stay. 

    This in most cases is enough, though in your particular network some additional tweaking may be needed, as re-mapping DSCP 46 to higher local priority, setting different scheduler if the default is not efficient enough etc.

    Ivan Bondar

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