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Radius CoA vs LDAP

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  • 1.  Radius CoA vs LDAP

    Posted Dec 08, 2022 11:17 AM
    hi all,

    i have a quite confuse regarding to Radius CoA and LDAP, which as far as i know both are for authentication right, so is there any specific circumtances or environment or condition that make me to choose Radius CoA over LDAP ? or both actually serves different purpose ? if i have clearpass, can both methode integrate with my clearpass ?

    based on my last experience implemented clearpass and controller, i always use LDAP for authentication, but today i got question from my customer of my new project about what the different between Radius CoA and LDAP ? which one is better ? and when to use Radius CoA and when to use LDAP ? because my customer currently have both LDAP and Radius CoA running.

  • 2.  RE: Radius CoA vs LDAP

    Posted Dec 09, 2022 07:57 PM
    LDAP is an Authentication source that can integrate with Clearpass to validate user accounts.

    Radius CoA is not an Authentication Source. It is used for Change of authorization that is sent by ClearPass to NAD(Switch/Controller/etc)

    example: if you want to change user-role or user-VLAN for authenticated users, you have to add Clearpass as a "Dynamic Authorization" server to Aruba Controller.

    See below video to get an idea about Radius CoA