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Roaming issue eap-tls

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  • 1.  Roaming issue eap-tls

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hello guys,

    Please I would need some help because I cannot understand the behavior I'm experiencing. I have a lab with two wireless controllers, 4 access points and one ClearPass server. In the WLAN controller I have two SSIDs, one of them uses EAP-TLS as auth method through CPPM and the other one MAC-Auth through CPPM.

    I'm experiencing roaming issues in one of the SSIDs, but only in one of them, the other one works fine. Both SSIDs have the same RF config, are broadcasted form the same APs.... the only difference between them (I think....) is the authentication method. Could you provide me some help please, I'm lost.....


  • 2.  RE: Roaming issue eap-tls

    Posted yesterday
    How is the redundancy of your controllers arranged? Are these clustered under a Mobility Conductor?

    Also, what are the roaming issues that you experience? How does that look from the client, controller or clearpass perspective? What happens (or doesn't happen)?

    Herman Robers
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  • 3.  RE: Roaming issue eap-tls

    Posted yesterday
    Hi Herman,

    They're under a mobility conductor. I've made the test having in service only one controller and the issue persists.

    The roaming process on the SSID with MAC-Auth is smoth, I cannot see nothing weird on the tablet and it remains connected. In the other SSID (EAP-TLS) I loose completely the signal on the tablet and it get disconnected from the network an it takes ages to connect again automatically.