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Samsung phones and Aruba on-prem.

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  • 1.  Samsung phones and Aruba on-prem.

    Posted Dec 01, 2023 10:50 AM

    I will bring back this topic. I believe another post from 2021 discusses the same issues but with European Samsung phones. It did not answer why the frequent disconnects are occurring on these phones. I currently have an S21 plus; previously, I had an S19+. Both phones are experiencing the some issues. Frequent disconnects with the phone, stating there is no internet connection. The connection restores itself if I turn wifi off or wait 30 seconds. This behavior is not consistent with iOS devices. We have 2 7205 in MM/MC ( in production with 505 APs and AirWave (20 and 40Mhz only). Show datapath shows no indication of why the phones are disconnecting. AirWave does not show any errors either. The best I can see is that the phones are re-auth but no de-auth that I've seen. Exasperated by this, I've purchased a 7005 and two 505 and recreated a simple WPA2 (employee) network in my house (no captive portal), and the only rule is  "any any allow." The behavior follows the phone. The home network is all defaults minus the removal of IPV6 from the authenticated role (not that it made any difference). I had cases open with TAC, but no result. It is very frustrating.  Wireshark capture did not show anything other than the data stops flowing. Several posts on Reddit are pointing fingers at Samsung for using cheap chipsets for their wifi. I don't know if this is true since I'm experiencing the same issue with two phones, four years apart. Any advice on a further testing methodology?

    PS: tested the phones with "home routers" and a Cisco network. The issue only exists in the Aruba environment. I have not tested this with Instant yet.

    Thank you for any suggestions.


  • 2.  RE: Samsung phones and Aruba on-prem.

    Posted Dec 08, 2023 11:15 AM

    We are running the same version of code and there is general user complaints but sometimes the devices work. It seems to be after upgrade to Andrioid 13/14. Did you get anywhere with your TAC case? 

  • 3.  RE: Samsung phones and Aruba on-prem.

    Posted Dec 08, 2023 11:23 AM

    Not at all. 

    What I did discover is that if you stop letting Google know your precise location, the phones stop disconnecting from WiFi. I have no idea why. It seems the issues started when Samsung introduced One UI 2.0. I found a couple of posts on Samsung forums and they mentioned the strange location setting. While it is an annoyance, disabling the precise location fixed the frequent disconnect.