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Spanning-tree issue between CX/AOS and instant on

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  • 1.  Spanning-tree issue between CX/AOS and instant on

    Posted Jun 05, 2023 11:14 AM

    Hi forum 

    Last week i received an Instant on to install in an existing netwrok of approx 30 edge switches. 

    The configuration of spanning-tree existed of an MSTP setup with the default 0 instance + an instance 1. 

    for me it looks impossible to get these Instant on's properly in the network. Because it's not possible to select the full ranges of vlans to include in the spanning-tree. 

    for example: 

    • the firm has about 25 vlans.
    • instance 0 consists of vlan 0-100 
    • instance 1 consists of vlan 101-4094

    This gives a certain digest key. 

    With Instant on switches you can only use the vlans created to include in this instance. so it's not possible to have the same digest key, because of that. I'm learned you always need at least the exact same config on switches to have a proper spanning-tree setup. 

    Do I miss out on something? Or is it really difficult to integrate Instant On switches in business networks?