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SSID on different Controller

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  • 1.  SSID on different Controller

    Posted May 18, 2022 08:31 AM
    Hey guys,

    we have one cluster on site A and one controller on site B. APs on site B broadcasts some SSIDs. Site A is connected with Site B via Site-to-Site VPN.
    How is it possible to use a SSID from site A on site B?

    I instantly had Multizone in mind but unfortunately this won't work in our environment because all controllers are managed by the same Conductor but in different hierarchy branches.

    Another approach was to create a WLAN on site B, where the LMS is the Cluster of Site A. But I did not test this yet.

    Does anyone have a clue to approach this?
    Is multizoning the only way to go?

  • 2.  RE: SSID on different Controller

    Posted May 18, 2022 09:06 AM
    Layer 2 GRE tunnel between the controllers at site A to Site B.  Assign  VLAN to GRE tunnel.  Configure the SSID to put users on that VLAN.

    This thread describes what could be done:  https://community.arubanetworks.com/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MID=28036

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