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Stack Commander Missing

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  • 1.  Stack Commander Missing

    Posted May 15, 2024 12:56 AM

    Got two of HP J9576A 3800-48G-4SFP+ Switch, stacked. This morning, I found out that one of the members goes missing. Did a cold boot on the affected device. Remove/Reconnect the stacked cables but to no avail.

    Stack ID         : 0001082e-5f683280
    MAC Address      : 082e5f-68328b
    Stack Topology   : Chain
    Stack Status     : Fragment Active
    Split Policy     : One-Fragment-Up
    Uptime           : 0d 6h 28m
    Software Version : KA.16.04.0028

     ID  Mac Address   Model                                  Pri Status
     --- ------------- -------------------------------------- --- ---------------
      1  082e5f-683280 HP J9576A 3800-48G-4SFP+ Switch        200 Missing
      2  082e5f-682580 HP J9576A 3800-48G-4SFP+ Switch        255 Commander

     I tried to console to the affected, but nothing shows up. 

    Any possible help will be really appeciated

  • 2.  RE: Stack Commander Missing

    Posted May 16, 2024 08:21 AM

    Could you enable the commands in the Switch 2 commander console?

    debug destination session

    debug event

    Also run:

    show logging -r

    If possible, share the "show run"

    Leonardo Xavier
    Analista de Redes