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Stacking of JL558A to JL262A

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  • 1.  Stacking of JL558A to JL262A

    Posted 14 days ago
    i have 2 JL558A in a stack and i need add more switches. the new sw i have is JL262A , comes with 1Gbe SFP ports.
    Now my question is , how can i add these JL262A to the existing stack?
    the existing ones are 10Gbe SFP+ ports and connected by 10Gbe SFP+ DAC cables.
    can i find 1Gbe SFP dac cables and if i connect to existing stack it will work?

    IF this method did not work, what is the solution to stack these switches with existing JL558A stack?

  • 2.  RE: Stacking of JL558A to JL262A

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hello, if I'm not mistaken the VSF implementation on Aruba 2930F admits to use VSF Links between neighbor VSF members with different speeds (I mean Switch A to Switch B with VSF Link(s) at 10Gbps - as per your case with DACs - and Switch B to Switch C with VSF Link(s) at 1Gbps so, considering your scenario, with normal copper Ethernet ports on both sides or with 1G LC SR SFP Transceivers inserted on Switch C and 1G LC SR SFP Transceivers inserted on free SFP+ Slots of Switch B) should work. You can mix JL558A and JL262A. A consideration should be eventually made considering the 1Gbps bottleneck comparted to 10Gbps when looking at VSF Link(s) speed...but this should also be accounted considering what you're going to connect to Switch C and the traffic direction between these edge devices and the remaining networks (considering it is served by the JL558A).

    Edit: forget about looking for 1G DACs, DACs are 10G (or higher speeds) only.