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Template Usage Optimization in Aruba Central.

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  • 1.  Template Usage Optimization in Aruba Central.

    Posted Nov 09, 2022 10:38 AM
    I am currently running Aruba Central as a management platform. But I'm having some trouble provisioning the switches when the number increases. I understand that you can have different templates within the same group as long as I define to which switches the same configuration will be applied through the model and firmware version. But I can't get the most out of a group of templates because if I have a large number of switches of the same model and I want a certain template to apply only to a few switches, I can't do it. What I do in that case is to lower the firmware version to certain switches and in this way create a template to be applied to the switches that I want and I don't see it as viable because I want to keep all my equipment in the latest firmware version available. .

    Now my question is, how scalable is Aruba Central to manage a large number of switches within the same template group? Aruba sells the Central solution as a single point of administration for my Networking equipment, but in the case of the switches I cannot understand how to optimize the administration since I have to create different groups of templates and the administration is difficult because I have to be entering to each group over and over again to make any changes you want.

  • 2.  RE: Template Usage Optimization in Aruba Central.

    Posted Nov 09, 2022 03:45 PM
    You can create multiple groups, all with their own templates :) Manage your switches by the groups. I usually break each group into categories. Like, 6300 Edge switch, 6300 Distribution, 6300 edge stack, etc...

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