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Trouble connecting Macbooks from 2012 and older to AP WiFi

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  • 1.  Trouble connecting Macbooks from 2012 and older to AP WiFi

    Posted Aug 17, 2022 01:07 AM
    Good day everyone, looking for some insight here. I have stumbled across a peculiar issue with some older Macbooks we use in our company that, at random moments, simply won't connect to our APs until I reboot them. This only affects models from 2012 and older, with newer models than those not showing these issues, nor any other laptop or phone.

    I've tried updating the Macbooks' OS all the way to Catalina when possible, checked any potential configuration that could improve compatibility in the web portal, and updated our APs' firmware through the integrated updater, but rebooting the APs is the only workaround I have found, and only works temporarily till it happens again. We currently use the AP12 model with the 2.6.0 firmware version, and manage them using the Instant On portal. Setup was left at almost factory level save for an additional network for guest use with the option to create a VLAN enabled to not mix up clients despite being the same infrastructure.

    Any suggestions or ideas of what may be happening? I believe this problem started after an update, since we had zero issues at the moment we installed the APs, and the fact it specifically affects fairly old Macbooks makes me believe it's a compatibility issue.

    Lemme know if you need some more information. Thanks in advance!