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Troubleshooting Poor Quality on Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller

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  • 1.  Troubleshooting Poor Quality on Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller

    Posted Jan 26, 2023 09:51 AM
    I'm looking for a resource or guidance on troubleshooting Poor quality as reported in the Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller. 
    We have a handful of 2.4 GHz radios that chronically encounter Poor quality, showing a large percentage of channel utilization as "interference".
    Is there an article, guide, or any best practice tips that you have found helpful in this area? 
    Thank you.

    -- Ed Sponsler, I.T. Project Lead, Victor Agencies. 

  • 2.  RE: Troubleshooting Poor Quality on Aruba 7205 Mobility Controller

    Posted Jan 27, 2023 05:18 AM
    Poor quality and interference on 2.4GHz is quite common. There are many wireless devices that use the same frequency and interfere with WiFi. Some engineers consider 2.4GHz as 'best-effort' and move as much as they can to 5GHz (and 6GHz with WiFi-6E).

    If you have the RF-Protect licenses you can run a spectrum analysis on the APs that experience the high interference. If you have (or can get someone with) a spectrum analyzer, you could chase down the responsible devices and eliminate those. Sometimes having a look near where the interference is seen may show obvious sources of interference, like wireless camera's, (motion) sensors, microwave ovens. As mentioned, you may just ignore the poor quality, or fine someone to help you hunt down the sources and find a solution (or decide to ignore anyway).

    Herman Robers
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