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Troubleshooting VLANs on Trunk Ports with LACP - HP-2530-48G J9775A

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  • 1.  Troubleshooting VLANs on Trunk Ports with LACP - HP-2530-48G J9775A

    Posted 23 days ago

    Physical Layout:

              | pfSense |       | Test Host |
                     |             |
    |---------|     |----------------|     |---------|
    | TrueNAS |<--->| Aruba 2530-48G |<--->| Proxmox |

    I'm having trouble getting VLANs passed to Proxmox. My network details are as follows:

    -VLAN 100 is defined on pfSense and is properly associated with the LAN interface.

    -Firewall rules for that VLAN are wide open for testing purposes.

    -On Proxmox, I have configured two lan ports into a bond (bond0) for LACP  communications with the switch. Proxmox uplinks on ports 1&2 to the switch. I have tried several different configurations in /etc/network/interfaces but none have resulted in giving me the ability to assign a VLAN tag to a VM, either by tagging the VM itself in the network config for the VM, or with a tagged bridge interface.

    The config on the Proxmox side that is most similar to a different host I have properly passing VLANs, but is not in a bond (single NIC) is below:

    I have two Ubuntu virtual machines running on Proxmox that have the VLAN 100 tag applied to them. Their MAC addresses make it all the way back to the physical pfSense host, and the two VMs can ping each other with their statically assigned IP addresses (192.168 100.x/24), but they cannot ping the switch ( or the pfSense host (

    As a note, bastion-g5 on port 27 (untagged on VLAN 100) was a test host so I had something physical on the switch to verify the VLAN was getting passed properly from pfSense through to the switch.

    More info about the Trunk (trk1) ports Proxmox is uplinking to:

    I was able to borrow a NetAlly Link tester from work and checked ports 1 and 27.

    If anyone has any ideas why my tagged VLANs aren't making it to Proxmox over the Trunk port, please let me know!