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udhcpc[4183]: send_renew: pkt num 1, secs 0

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  • 1.  udhcpc[4183]: send_renew: pkt num 1, secs 0

    Posted Aug 13, 2021 02:22 AM

    Dear All, 

    Currently my company is using and LTE Modem with IP pass through function, together with Aruba JL258A POE switch and Aruba Wifi AP505 for office memeber to do internet serving and web meeting use

    However, there is temporary disconnection 5 secs for every 1 mintues

    After check the AP505 log, I found out even I always got the same IP from LTE modem, but Aruba AP505 keeps sending "dhcpc[4183]: send_renew: pkt num 1, secs 0", "udhcpc[4183]: Sending renew..." and reset all the routing table==>Publish AP event (route_change_detected) success

    May I know what it might be happend senario?  What event which might trigger this renewing?  

    If it because the DHCP lease time, how can I avoid the rourting table renew?  Will DHCP IP Reservation help?

    Look forward anyone to give me some commnet

    Abel Tso





  • 2.  RE: udhcpc[4183]: send_renew: pkt num 1, secs 0

    Posted Aug 13, 2021 02:27 AM

    Hello @AbelSun ,

    Can you confirm if there are no Layer 1 (physical cable) connectivity issue?

    Is Aruba 2930 (JL258A) acting as a DHCP server? and what is the lease time set?Can you try to change it?

    What is the running software version in Aruba 2930 (JL258A) & Aruba AP505?