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Upgrade standalone wireless controller - what happens to APs

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  • 1.  Upgrade standalone wireless controller - what happens to APs

    Posted 9 days ago

    Hi all,
    I manage an infrastructure that is composed by a cluster of Mobility Masters v8, that manage 2 standalone mobility controllers v8, each with 100 APs.
    The controllers are not part of a cluster but the APs use LMS-backup to find the controller and also for redundancy. If one controller goes down, the APs reregister in the other controller.
    I need to upgrade all the equipment, either with a major or minor upgrade.
    Maintaing the WIfi service online is critical as we're talking about a 24/7 customer.
    What will happen to each ser of APs after I upgrade one of the controllers? Will they start upgrading and rebooting? Will they jump to the other controller?
    How long will the upgrade process take?
    Thanks very much for your help, I never upgraded AOS8 before.