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VMs to IMC

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  • 1.  VMs to IMC

    Posted Apr 26, 2023 09:15 AM

    we tried to introduce our VMs to IMC but the only thing we see correctly is the ping and average reachability. We would also like to see the resources like RAM, CPU, etc...

    I saw that the IMC APM package exists to be able to monitor servers, but first I wanted to understand if with basic IMC we can accomplish what we are trying to do.

    Thanks to whoever will answer

  • 2.  RE: VMs to IMC

    Posted Apr 26, 2023 09:43 AM

    You should be able to monitor CPU and Memory on your Windows/Linux VMs with IMC as well. They just need SNMP enabled and configured like your network devices do. Windows Server has a built-in SNMP Service which you can add via Roles and Features, and configure via Services. Linux has net-snmp you could configure.

    Once set up, I'd suggest deleting and re-adding the VMs to IMC to apply the monitoring. Alternatively you could add the indexes for CPU and Memory to the VMs via the Monitoring Settings page.

    Note that SNMP functionality on OS's is pretty limited and you can't monitor much beyond CPU, Memory, interfaces and a few more things. For more you would indeed want to check out APM. Keep in mind you can deploy it anytime and it will have a free 60-day trial.

    Justin Guse