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Voice VLAN problem - LLDP not working properly?

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  • 1.  Voice VLAN problem - LLDP not working properly?

    Posted Dec 08, 2023 09:52 AM

    Hi all,

    I'm working with a pair of 2930f switches in a VSF. They have had no configuration changes for some time, aside from some SNMP configuration for a monitoring tool. Everything was working fine until I upgraded from WC.16.11.0005 to WC.16.11.0015 last night. Since then, phones have not been joining VLAN 10 automatically, which is the configured voice VLAN. I tried downgrading to WC.16.11.0005, but it didn't help. Oddly, the output of sh lddp info remote-device detail indicates that a phone was detected and its assigned VLAN is 10.

      Local Port   : 1/8
      ChassisType  : network-address
      ChassisId    :
      PortType     : mac-address
      PortId       : 80 5e c0 de 44 bb
      SysName      : SIP-T21P_E2
      System Descr :
      PortDescr    : WAN PORT
      Pvid         :

      System Capabilities Supported  : bridge, telephone
      System Capabilities Enabled    : bridge, telephone

      Remote Management Address

      MED Information Detail
        EndpointClass          :Class3
        Media Policy Vlan id   :10
        Media Policy Priority  :6
        Media Policy Dscp      :46
        Media Policy Tagged    :True
        Poe Device Type        :PD
        Power Requested        :3.8 W
        Power Source           :From PSE
        Power Priority         :High

      Local Port   : 1/8
      ChassisType  : local
      ChassisId    : T21P-E2805EC0DE44BB
      PortType     : local
      PortId       : WAN PORT
      SysName      : T21P-E2
      System Descr :
      PortDescr    :
      Pvid         :

      System Capabilities Supported  : telephone
      System Capabilities Enabled    : telephone

      Remote Management Address
         Type    : ipv4
         Address :


    Additional info:

    vlan 10
       name "***Voice***"
       tagged 1/1-1/46,1/48,2/1-2/38,2/41-2/47,Trk2
       no ip address
       spanning-tree instance 1

    Aruba-VSF-2930F(eth-1/8)# sh flash
    Image             Size (bytes) Date     Version
    ----------------- ------------ -------- --------------
    Primary Image    :    30228489 05/28/22 WC.16.11.0005
    Secondary Image  :    30251885 11/21/23 WC.16.11.0015

    Boot ROM Version
    Primary Boot ROM Version   : WC.16.01.0010
    Secondary Boot ROM Version : WC.16.01.0010

    Default Boot Image   : Primary
    Default Boot ROM     : Primary

    Looking for any advice I can get on this. The only thing that changed was the software version last night, and the running config was saved prior to reloading.

  • 2.  RE: Voice VLAN problem - LLDP not working properly?

    Posted Dec 18, 2023 04:59 AM

    have you resolved this? I could not find anything relevant in the release notes. 

    what if you downgrade to 16.11.0014?

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