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VOIP Configuration - HPE 5945 & Procurve Switches

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  • 1.  VOIP Configuration - HPE 5945 & Procurve Switches

    Posted Nov 25, 2020 05:15 AM

    Hi all


    I'm new to Comware switches and Im configuring new HPE 5945 core switches with Procurve attached as edge switches.  We have two cores and I'm using VRRP for high availablility.

    Provcurve configuration for VOIP is extremely simple (i.e you just put 'voice' on the VLAN)

    The 5945 seems a bit more complex.

    I've looked at a few posts but can't quite get my head round how to set it up.

    We have multiple voice VLAN's but only one voice VLAN needs to be tagged on an uplink (except for IT test switch where we could do with all voice VLAN's tagged for testing)

    So far I have setup the core with trunk ports on the uplink and have setup the ip addressing for the voice VLAN.

    I cannot configure voice-vlan on the VLAN itself or on the VLAN interface.  When I try to configure on the port, I get 'In auto voice VLAN mode, the voice VLAN can't be enabled on a trunk or a hybrid port that is already in a voice VLAN'

    If I take out the VLAN by using 'no permit VLAN XX' I can then set up the VLAN as voice but then I lose ping to the IP addresses I've setup.

    We are using Mitel phones and I read somewhere about using LLDP and an OUI Identifier but I don't think I'm anywhere near this step yet.

    Can someone give a brief 'how to' on the best way to setup with a trunk port ?