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When does it make sense to implement SD-Branch?

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  • 1.  When does it make sense to implement SD-Branch?

    Posted Oct 11, 2023 07:21 PM

    Have a customer that has 8 locations throughout the City. They are having fiber installed to each location. Everything used to backhaul to City Hall over a variety of 3rd party links. The fiber is being "leased" to them on a five year contract. They just purchased a number of CX6xxx switches. They are going to have two fiber connections at each location, one will be used for a private WAN, the other linked to the Internet. The leasing company uses a non-Aruba switch to connect the fiber to the leasing company's fiber service. 

    The sites vary in size for 10-15 to 60+ to over 140 at City Hall. We have been using VLANs and subnets but as we all know that can get tedious to maintain and troubleshoot over. I was very impressed with GreenLake Aruba Cloud Central and some of the things it can do. Unfortunately they do not use Aruba APs, but another vendor. I was told that "AI/compute" that is available for wireless right now will be available for the switches. The customer has to simplify the network management and we will be assisting.

    Does this environment sound like it may be viable for Aruba's SD-WAN platform?


  • 2.  RE: When does it make sense to implement SD-Branch?

    Posted Oct 16, 2023 04:14 AM

    There is SD-Branch and SD-WAN, which are different technologies. SD-WAN is mostly to optimize and managed the connections between your branches, internet and the cloud. SD-Branch is a combination of the previous together with switch, AP and gateway management all from Aruba Central.

    From the demand to 'simplify the network management', I would say that SD-Branch is definitely something to consider and further explore. Best to do that with your local Aruba partner and/or Aruba Sales Team as they can better map your requirements to the appropriate solution.

    Herman Robers
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