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Wireless Network down at particular time period

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  • 1.  Wireless Network down at particular time period

    Posted May 18, 2023 04:53 PM

    I am having Aruba 7030 with version
    AP Model 535/505/135

    Everyday between 11:30 to 12.30 suddenly I saw wireless many client uses shoes specific uses 8.59 and 4.29 (this is surprised) and network start to get huge RT) for all the SSID. Due to high RTO network traffic also reduced from 25 GB to 5 GB shows on WLC gui.

    Tshoot step followed  
    > We have checked system which shows high utilization (8.59/4.29) but they are not using that much data 
    > We block high utilization client but no luck. It does not impact either we block or not.
    > No much utilization on WLC to Core connectivity. Even it get down during issue.
    > During issue time LAN works perfectly but impact only Wi-Fi client
    > during issue from lan we are able to ping gateway (configured on core switch) but impact on WLC ip (gets huge RTO)

    > Why some client (random client)specific uses shows (8.59 / 4.29) during issue. Checked client even they are ideal but shows this uses.
    > Why it has specific time for issue.
    > Their is no high utilization on interface, even it comes down from GB to MB