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Zero Signal issue

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  • 1.  Zero Signal issue

    Posted Jun 06, 2022 03:42 PM

    I have 22 AP's in a cluster and they have been working fine until the last few days.
    I'm not aware of any changes but I'm not the only one with access but Client match was enabled several weeks ago.
    Clients are showing as having 0 signal but having high speeds in some instances.
    These clients are within 5m of an AP and those with 0 signal are having connectivity issues.
    other clients connected to the AP work fine so its not certain AP's
    We're updating to the latest software shortly - awaiting downtime window but it seems weird.
    anyone any ideas?

    David Bean

  • 2.  RE: Zero Signal issue

    Posted Jun 06, 2022 06:10 PM
    Is it a specific type of client that you are having problems with?
    How do these connectivity issues manifest itself?
    Updating to the latest software might not help if you didn't upgrade recently.

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