802.11 Client Device Interoperability

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802.11n and Macosx

Installing our first batch of Ap-125's - enabling high-throughput on 802.11a and using band-steering

We've got one open ssid for captive portal and one protected ssid with WPA.

First off - 802.11n needs WPA2 - so I'm running WPA-tkip and WPA2-AES mixed mode

I've notice Vista clients (with up to date drivers) appear to get on and use the 802.11n speeds ok on open and protected

But having trouble with Macosx (10.5.7) - I join the open ssid and get reported 270mbps link - join the protected ssid - and just get reported 54mbps - also appears I'm pushed of to an older ap70 at times...

I'm guessing I'll find something in the security negotiation setting the systems apart - resulting in no 802.11n benefit. So perhaps Its time to drop wpa-tkip
or is a separate high-throughput ssid needed?

Just wondering what others may have found to be optimal for adding 802.11n into the mix.

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You probably need to use "allow weak encryption" on the HT profile. The AP will not let TKIP or WEP clients associate to an 802.11n SSID without enabling that checkbox.

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Re: 802.11n and Macosx

Thanks - I had missed that option. I can use that to help the current issue. So it appears mixed mode may not perform as I expected.... and looking at another post the jump to WPA2 may not be so bad: https://airheads.arubanetworks.com/vBulletin/showthread.php?t=967
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