Add SSID into Guest Receipt and more

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Normal Guest Receipt page will not have the SSID field. This article tells us on how to add the SSID field to the Guest Receipt page and also how to have different Guest Receipt page with different SSID.


There are 2 things we need to do:

1) The SSID name must be specified under Configuration -->  "Guest Manager" tab.
2) Goto Configuration --> Print Template --> GuestManager Receipt
Here, we will hve variable {$site_ssid} which is mapped to the SSId name. The HTML script will have this field.
Please check screenshot below:
rtaImage (1).jpg
Now, if we have multiple Guest Receipt pages with different SSID's, we need to change the SSID variable filed in the script.
Please Check the below screenshot:
rtaImage (2).jpg
In the screenshot the {$site_ssid} variable can e anything, but in the below script, we replace "site_ssid" variable with the SSID name, in quotes.

Check below screenshot:
rtaImage (3).jpg
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