Amigopod Error: All ldap connections are in use

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

On a heavily loaded Amigopod appliance with authentication being done through LDAP, you receive the following error in the system log:

Error: [ldap-3] All ldap connections are in use

You have run out of available connections to your ldap server. The default number of connections to an LDAP server is set to 5 which works well in most cased. On busier deployments, this value will need to be adjusted.

A rough rule of thumb would be 15 for every 1000 concurrent users. To put things in perspective, the default number of maximum LDAP connections (total) that an Active Directory domain controller will accept is 5000.

This setting is in the AD/LDAP authentication server under "RADIUS->Authentication->Authentication Servers->Your AD/LDAP server entry (Edit)->Advanced Options". In the text box, enter: ldap_connections_number = X

Replace X with whatever number of ldap connections you will need. This number need not exceed the value of "RADIUS->Server Configuration->Advanced Configuration->thread.max_servers"
The "thread.max_servers" value should be configured dynamically by Amigopod based on system resources available.

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