Does CPPM profiles end devices using NMAP

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MVP Expert

Does CPPM has the Ability to scan and profile endpoints using NMAP?


This a new feature introduced in 6.6.2. We can enable endpoints profiling via NMAP Scan.

Login to WebUI and navigate to Administration > Server Manager > Cluster-wide Parameters > Profiler and enable the below option.



This detects open ports and attempts to fingerprint the service behind the ports.

The above option just enables the feature, however there are few pre-requisites mentioned below.


1: From  WebUI under  Configuration > Profile Settings, Configure SNMP, SSH, and WMI settings for the subnets to scan

2: From WebUI udner Monitoring > Profiler and Discovery > Network Discovery, trigger a Network Discovery Scan configuring a seed device with Probe all the ARP entries found enabled.

Once the scan is completed, Navigate to Configuration > Identity > Endpoints and select an endpoint.

The Fingerprints Tab will show the services and ports information returned by the NMAP Scan.




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