Exporting the SSL Certificate and Private key from an Amigopod server

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

First you will need to login as the administrator for the Amigopod server and then navigate to: 

Administrator -> Backup & Restore -> Configuration Backup -> Backup Mode -> Select Custom Backup 

A drop down Backup Set box will appear. You will then want to “Unselect All” as you are only looking to backup the Certificate + Key pair.

Then scroll down the list until you find “Server Configuration” There will be 3 icons to the right of this option an “X” a “Down arrow” and a “Check mark”. If you select the “Down Arrow” this will expand out all the server configuration options. You’ll see one listed as “SSL Certificate Setup”. Select the Check mark next to this item.

Then click “Download Backup” and this should export the Certificate + Key pair.

Once you have this file, on your target Amigopod server you’ll do the reverse and navigate to Administrator->Backup & Restore-> Configuration Restore and follow the instructions. 

If for whatever reason this does not work, Amigopod support can manually export the certificate pair, but it requires a remote session and direct access to the Amigopod server by support, this method is not supported for customer or partner use and only Amigopod support can perform this export as it requires restricted shell access.

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