How do I replace a modeled device?

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Aruba Employee
Product and Software: This article applies to all ECS product and software versions.

If you need to replace a modeled device, you must first add its replacement before removing the existing device. This solution explains how to do this.

The device that is replacing the modeled device must already be added to the Topology view and modeled.

In order for the replacement device to function in the same capacity as the device that is being replaced, knowledge of which Device & Port groups the device to be replaced participates in is vital. There is currently no easy way to do this. Listed below are some methods that may assist in gathering this information.

1) Go to Admin GUI Main window > Administrator tab >Topology view.

2) From the topology tree in the left-hand frame of the Topology view, select the device to be replaced, and right-click Group Membership.

3) Note the memberships to which this device is grouped, and close this window.

Now you have the Device groups that this device should go into.

4) Select the new device from the domain tree and right-click Group Membership.

5) Click on the same group memberships as associated with the device being replaced.

This puts this device into those same device groups.

6) Click Apply.

Note: Determining the port groups that the ports from this device go into is the challenging part. Here are some methods that you can use:
  • Port-by-port method
    From the Topology view, select the (to-be-replaced) device. Select and right click on each port, selecting the Group Properties option. Note the groups for each port. Duplicate it on the new device.
  • CLI method
    Console into the old device and navigate to the '/bsc/campusMgr/bin' directory.
a. Run the following command to get a listing of all groups and group ID's:
RunClient Group.class -all
b. Run:
 RunClient Group.class -all -elements
c. Look for all instances of the device to be replaced. Look for the model name of the device in the list provided.
Note: After you are certain that all groups have been populated correctly, continue to the next step.

7) From the domain tree, delete the device to be replaced:
  • Select it and right-click Delete.
  • Select Edit > Delete from the menu bar.


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