How to Authenticate Endpoints with its attribute value


Consider an Endpoint is updated with a particular attribute "Owner" and its value updated as "test". If there is a requirement to authenticate all EndPoints with same attributes only should be authenticated, we can create a new Authentication source and use custom SQL to authenticate the device.


The below SQL allows the device to authenticate with the attribute value

   SELECT e.mac_address AS User_Password FROM tips_endpoints e
   LEFT JOIN tips_endpoint_tag_mappings m ON = m.instance_id
   LEFT JOIN tips_tag_values v ON = m.tag_value_id
   LEFT JOIN tips_tag_definitions d ON = v.tag_id
   WHERE 'Owner' AND v.tag_value='test' AND e.status ='Known' AND mac_address = LOWER('%{Connection:Client-Mac-Address-NoDelim}');



Navigate to Configuration » Authentication » Sources and create a new Authentication Source as below







The Endpoint is added with an Attribute value of test as shown below




Screenshot showing successful Authentication against new Authentication source


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