How to Customize Sponsor Confirmation email to have Company Logo in it

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction : This article talks about adding a custom logo to the Sponsor confirmation email.


Environment : This applies best to CPPM 6.2


Configuration Steps :


Login to Clear Pass Guest and navigate to " Home » Configuration » Content Manager" and upload your company Logo.

User-added image

Once the logo is uploaded it would show up in the content manager.

User-added image

Now navigate to " Home » Configuration » Print Templates" and edit the "Sponsorship Confirmation" template.

Select the required Style. Just selecting it will generate a preview at the bottom/right.

User-added image

Select your Logo and add a title and subtitle to it.

User-added image

Check the Preview at the bottom of this page.

User-added image

Now how do I remove the text highlighted above? is it possible to replace it with my custom logo?

Yes, it is possible!! Download the logo in a 24 * 24 format and upload it to the Content manager.

Once we have the logo uploaded, click on it and "View content"

User-added image

This will open a new page with the logo in it, copy the URL from the browser. For me it is "".

Now navigate back to the Print Template and edit the Sponsor Confirmation.

We would need to edit the Footer as shown below.

User-added image

The Footer URL by default contains "
Powered by {nwa_iconlink icon="images/icon-aruba22.png" text="Aruba Networks"}{/nwa_iconlink}"

We would edit the link as shown below.

Powered by {nwa_iconlink icon="/guest/public/HardDrive-icon.png" text="My company"}{/nwa_iconlink}

Where the Image is replaced by our image and we edit the test and the link.

Now the preview will be as below.

User-added image

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