How to customize guest self- registration page to have username as student ID

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This Article explains about adding a  new  username field  and map Student ID to it.


Environment : This article best suits  for CPPM 6.2 version.


Navigate to "Home » Configuration » Guest Self-Registration" and select the profile which we are using. Once we select it, click on "Edit" as shown below.



After going to Edit mode, click on "Form" As shown below.


rtaImage (1).png




Click on any available field ( I preferred Email_1) and change filed name to user name as shown in below screen shot.


rtaImage (2).png



Configure field name as StudentID  and  edit label and description as per your requirement.


rtaImage (3).png



Make sure the validator selected "IsNonNegative".


rtaImage (4).png


Save changes and enable this field.


rtaImage (5).png


Check the preview to verify that the changes made are correct.


rtaImage (6).png



NOTE: StudentID field must be an integer and can have  a maximum of 9 digits. If this does not meets requirements then we can edit the email field as shown below.

Select the Field Name as UserName.


rtaImage (7).png


rtaImage (8).png


And edit the Max length to allow more than 9 characters with the validator option set as "IsValidUsername".

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