How to modify the refresh time in the receipt page while waiting for sponsor approval?


How and where can I modify the refresh time in the receipt page while waiting for sponsor approval?

The default refresh time is set to every 30 seconds. Can I reduce the refresh time to reload the receipt page every 10 seconds?





The receipt page refresh time can be modified under UI Overrides option in the Sponsorship Confirmation setup.


From the ClearPass Guest UI, navigate to Configuration>> Pages >> Guest Self-Registrations and select the registration page and click on Edit. In editor window, go to Sponsor Confirmation and enable IU Overrides and change the refresh time under Registration Receipt as shown in the below screen captures.


Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3: 


Step 4:


Modified code, incase you want to copy and paste.

{if $guest_receipt.deleted}
{nwa_icontext type="error"}Your registration request has been rejected.{/nwa_icontext}
{elseif $user.register_token && !$user.enabled}<p>
{nwa_script src=core}
addLoadEvent(function() {ldelim}Nwa_IdHide("guest_register_receipt_actions");{rdelim});
Your account is currently awaiting confirmation.  This page will refresh every 10 seconds.
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="10; URL={$gsr_metadata.receipt_page|rawurlencode}.php?refresh=1">






The receipt page will refresh/reload every 10 secs after the above change. Please fine below the sample output.





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