Increase CoA Delay Value

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee
Question   How can increase CoA delay value?
Environment   This article is written on CPPM 6.2 and greater



Increasing the CoA delay value is introduced only in 6.2. Prior to 6.2, it was had coded as 2 seconds.  We can increase the value as shown below.

Navigate to "Administration » Server Manager » Server Configuration" and select the server on which we need to increase the CoA Delay.
















We can increase this to 15 seconds.

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Just saved my day!


While integrating CPPM with Cisco Switches, following the Tech_Note_Server_Initiated_Web_Logins,

the update of the DB's takes a while. Hence it is a good idea to increase the CoA delay to give time to CPPM to update the endpoint database.

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