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Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article talks about adding a custom message which would display on the client machine if a certain condition is met.


This article best works in CPPM 6.2 and greater versions.


Prerequisite: A working setup of Onguard using persistent agent.


Requirement : Is there any possibility to edit OnGuard messages, so that we can put some lines which include new lines character to the message.

Consider we want to add a message as shown below.


You have successfully passed the posture check and placed into Guest Vlan.

Welcome to Aruba Networks"

We can write a basic html code for the above message.

<br>You have successfully passed the posture check and placed into Guest Vlan.
<br>Welcome to Aruba Networks.

<b> </b> is to define a bold string/sentence.
<br> is for a line break ( jump to new line) .

Now, we can copy paste the above script in the Agent enforcement profile.

Navigate to "
Configuration » Enforcement » Profiles" and Edit the profile which is in use.

Add this under Attributes section.
The above message will be triggered if the client has passed the health check. We can define a custom message a client which failed health check, just make sure that the enforcement policy is mapped accordingly in the service.
We would see the above message triggered when a client passes the health check.
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