Unable to see any Guest Roles in ClearPass Guest when creating guest accounts.



Unable to see any guest roles(drop down) in the create account link in ClearPass Guest. Trying to create account gave the error "Please choose from one of the available roles", but no roles were shown on the screen. Verified the form and confirmed that the roles field is not hidden.


Account Role selection is missing, 


Trying to create a guest account gave the below error,


Expected Behavior:

ClearPass guest account creation needs a role to be assigned and the same role can be used in enforcement during guest user authentication. The below screen capture shows the default account creation page with "Account Role" selection option.




The ClearPass guest roles are sourced from the default Role Mapping "[Guest Roles]" under Policy manager >> Configuration >> Identity >> Role Mappings. This is the place where you can add/modify roles as well.

Any modification to the default role mapping "[Guest Roles]" name will cause this issue, as the ClearPass Guest Manager won't be able to read the available role and will not display the "Account Role" selection in the guest account creation page.




Ensure that, role mapping name for guest roles under Policy manager >> Configuration >> Identity >> Role Mappings is set to "[Guest Roles]" as shown in the below screen capture.


Any change to this role mapping name will cause issue in guest account creation. If you see any change to this role mapping name, then go ahead and revert the name to default to resolve the issue.


Most of the default profiles are not editable in ClearPass server. But the "[Guest Roles]" name had exception where administrator can change the name till the ClearPass version 6.5.x. But it had been resolved from the ClearPass version 6.6.0. So, the ClearPass administrators are not allowed to edit the default role mapping names from ClearPass 6.6.x and above releases.



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