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Transmit Power question.

Someone asked me this today and I realized I did not have the answer but someone on here certainly will.

In the North American Regulatory Domain, what is the Maximum transmit power wattage for an access point?

I use two models of APs. AP125 and AP105 and I assume this value will be the same for each model.

Is there a way to get this info from the controller?

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Re: Transmit Power question.

maximum is 100mw or (30 dbm)

To find current transmit power of an AP:
Go to Monitoring -> Controller -> Access Points -> Click on specific AP and click on Profile

Look under the Operational Parameters area for Channel and Transmit power

100mW = 20dBm

Conversion error in the original post ;)

20dBm = 100mW
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Re: Transmit Power question.

I just checked one of my controllers and I found the AP's were between 20 and 24 dBm. The AP-105 specs show up to 23 dBm transmit power for both radios. We have a low density AP deployment so I expected this.

Also, I found this information regarding FCC regulations on transmit power:

As long as you're below 1 W(1,000mW) for omnidirectional antennas you're OK, point to point can go higher.
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Re: Transmit Power question.

mmm.. actually, it is not the transmit power of the access point that needs to be considred. It is the transmit power PLUS the antenna gain. In other words the ERP/EIRP value.