Layer2 and layer3 setup of MSR

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Network Topology: Adding up Airmesh devices on the network


We can either bring all the MST 200 device as layer 2 for that all the device should be in the same subnet.
If you need to bring them as Layer 3 device all the devices should be in same mesh profile and each individual device should be in different subnet.



Tried to add new airmesh devices on the network. While trying to add the devices I faced following challenges,
I tried adding devices with different Mesh ID by adding static route but unable to form the airmesh network.

Tried to bring the devices under one mesh ID but with 2 devices on subnet and other 2 devices on a different subnet and also enabled AWR on the devices.

After changing the device subnet for all the devices I was able to form the Airmesh network

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