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Best practise for adding or replacing APs with AMP?

Could I ask anyone to share their method of replacing or adding APs when you're using AMP and Aruba 6000 controllers?

Currently I provision new APs on the master controller. This is discovered in AMP from which I manage the device and 'import settings' to grab the new AP details (mostly change of name).

When changing our faulty APs things get a little more muddled and involves a mix of clearing the AP on the controller, reprovisioning the new one and trying to clear the old entry in AMP and rediscover / reimport the new AP details.

I'd appreciate views on how to make this process easier.


Re: Best practise for adding or replacing APs with AMP?

Have you used AWMS's Replace Hardware feature? I would use a process something like this:

1. Provision new AP, let it be discovered by AWMS.
2. In AWMS, go to the old AP's Manage page and click Replace Hardware.
3. In the subsequent wizard, choose the new AP.

That should be the entire process, and will allow you to retain all of AWMS's historical data, like user and bandwidth counts and archived configurations.

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