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Blacklist Notification.

Hi guys,

I think it would be awesome if in the next ArubaOS updates, blacklisted users are notified whenever they are blacklisted.

If they're blacklisted because of failed login or any other suspision, then they should know about it to take action.

If they're manually blacklisted, I think they should know it too.


The blacklist notification would be really helpful to wifi administrator.



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Since a blacklisted user cannot pass any traffic, this is not possible.
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Thanks for the reply Joseph.


Maybe the policy/settings for blacklisted users can be changed?

Just allow a traffic from the controller to show up a webpage of the blacklist notifications.


I'm suggesting it because the blacklisted users are not getting any feedback at all, if I'm the user I'm gonna think that the WiFi network got problems.

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Could you make a policy change based on multiple authentication failures that changed the role of the user so he diverts to a captive portal with the a notification of being "blacklisted" (although he wouldn't really be), and there be no login form on the captive portal page?? Bit of a botch mind you.