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Blue text

Maybe this is just me, but the blue text used for the topic headers and other items around the site is very hard on the eyes.  Anyone find that to be the case?

Aruba Employee

I guess I'm the only one that is bothered by this, but I'm finding that I can't use this site.  It's not worth the strain on my eyes

Aruba Employee

How about RED?


Modify the following file for Chrome on Windows:

C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User StyleSheets\Custom.css


Add this line:

A { color: red ! important }


Now links are Red. Make the color whatever you want it to be.



Aruba Employee

That works pretty darn well, Zach.  I'll find a color that isn't to eye straining and I'll just stick to using Chrome for this site.

Community Manager



Thanks for the note. I will get in touch with our platform developer and request a solution. Blue over dark gray is indeed hard to read! From the look of the orange Airheads logo, orange might be a pretty good color :)

Community Manager

Moving this under Ideas as an enhancement request

Status changed to: Read
Aruba Employee

Any update on this?  It can't be that hard to fix.