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General Discussion forum

It would be too much asking making a gereral discution forum in which we can talk about anything? or is not part of the vision of airheads social?

I wanted to post a tread about Cisco Buying meraki and i got no where to post it

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HI NightShade1, Thank you for your feedback. Currently, our discussion boards are focused on technical topics. We'd love to hear more from the community to see if this type of non-technical board will be utilized. Should we start with an industry focused board, or a general social board covering all topics (within reason)?


Hello alc

I got some ideas on mind

For example the idea i gave of presales forum which willl be really handy for presales engineers asking stuff of licensing, or talking about the rivals, i mean what aruba has that cisco does not have...


A gereral discussion is just for anything else that does not fit in the forum that we already got though.... i don tknow if you guys want to put maybe an offtopic


But im more interested in a presales forum in which we can talk about the competitors like cisco, motorla etc etc.... i think that would be really useful for us selling Aruba

We need to be well informed because when a company is quoting other brands you need to know or be really clear what aruba can do and what that one CANT do.  Why aruba is better and all that agains that specific brand