Announcement Traffic Indication Message (ATIM)

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Announcement Traffic Indication Message (ATIM) - A unicast frame that is used in an IBSS network when Power Save Mode is enabled. If a station has buffered data for another station it will send an ATIM frame to the other station, informing it that it must stay awake until the next ATIM window so that it can receive the buffered data. Any station that either has buffered data for another station or has received an ATM will stay awake so that the buffered data can be exchanged."

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Can ATIM be used in Infrastructure or Mesh topology? If it cant be used, is there any way for an AP to wake up the client from Power save mode to transmit the buffered data before the DTIM or Listen Interval? 


For eg : Consider a Scenario where the Listen interval is too high and the AP has more data buffered. How long will the AP keep buffering if the client is not sending any PS-POLL? Does AP has any mechanism to wake up the client and send the buffered data?