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Enlist customers to help set up for an Airheads event

One thing Interop used to do, but may not anymore, was to ask for volunteers to help set up the network infrastructure at the event.  It was a good way to learn some new things and get some ideas on how others design and implement large and diverse network infrastructures.


I know Airheads is very small compared to an Interop, but I think it would be cool for Aruba to ask for a  few customer volunteers to help set up the network infrastructure at Airheads.  We can work side-by-side with Aruba engineers to see how they designed and implement the infrastructure for the event.  Something like last year's 100 iPad demo setup would have been really cool to see and I'm sure the new Aruba ethernet switches will be used this year and at events to come.  It would be really neat to see that in action in a real environment and to get some hands-on experience with Aruba's newest gear and technology.

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Thanks for the recommendation Mike.  We'll look into it for next year!


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